We provide a range of comprehensive tests for food allergies/

sensitivities,  nutrient deficiencies, cardiovascular and diabetic risk, and digestive function.   We also offer assistance with the ReCODE Bredesen Protocol  for Alzheimer's Disease.  This involves an assessment for suboptimal hormones and other brain nutrients, three types of inflammation, toxic compounds, blood sugar and other markers.

Nutritional  Medicine

With an emphasis on  optimal health and collaboration between patient and practitioner, we address the under-lying causes of disease  in a new way.  We use standard and special testing markers to detect early and hidden warning  signs of dysfunction more effectively than conventional  lab profiles. Nutrition as medicine then becomes a powerful tool before "crisis medicine" emerges as the only viable option.


       Patient Stories

"Dr. Ostroff has been a true source of wisdom and alternative resources as I have traveled my journey back to health. With her support, guidance and encouragement, I now know that I am my own best healer and Dr. Ostroff has helped me to realize that."

I have been helping patients restore their health for more than 40 years. Check out more of our patient testimonials.

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