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Persistent non-healing Surgical Wounds and Infections:

I a"m so thankful I met Dr Cathy Ostroff.  After two years of meeting with many doctors that ranged from dermatologists, general surgeons, infectious disease specialists and wound specialists, I finally have healed!  Doctors thought that a brown recluse spider bite on my leg led to a bad infection.  I had two large and invasive surgeries that never quite healed. The infection persisted. It was very frustrating and upsetting to have so many doctors not quite know what to do or why I couldn't get better. Their answer was pain medication and antibiotics which never helped.

Finally I found Dr. Cathy Ostroff's website and decided to see if non-conventional medicine could help me.  After meeting at her home office, I had the Elisa (??) test done. It was a simple blood test and what it found has changed my life.  The test uncovered that my immune system is sensitive to a few common ingredients in many of my daily products (such as shampoo, toothpaste and baby wipes).  After understanding my test results and avoiding these items (in many cases I just switched brands) I have had amazing results.  By simply avoiding these triggers, in less than short two weeks the wound healed and the infection was gone!  I was shocked. Now I have been able to resume to my normal life again, all thanks to the Elisa test and Dr. Ostroff.

I truly believe everyone should have this test done.  We all suffer with ailments or common colds; knowing and understanding what affects your own personal immune is key to healing and health.  It was the reason I was finally able to get better. 

Thank you Dr. Ostroff for giving me the answers I so desperately needed in order to get my health back.  I am forever grateful for the knowledge I now have about my personal immune system”.  

Kelly C., Hunterdon County, NJ. April, 2015


 “When I was diagnosed with diabetes, my hands would shake and I felt dizzy and exhausted all the time. I was eating the wrong things, had no energy, couldn’t focus or concentrate, and my friends and family were very worried about me”.

My doctor sent me to a dietician who did not tell me anything I did not know. She didn’t tell me what to eat, just to avoid sugar.

When I saw Dr. Ostroff for a nutritional consultation, she looked at my blood work, told me how and what to eat, and what supplements to take. My symptoms started to diminish right away. If I went off my plan or skipped a good breakfast, my symptoms returned.

Since following Dr. Ostroff’s recommendations, I’ve lost 42 pounds, I was able to decrease my Lipitor medication, my blood work improved and my doctor is very happy with my progress. I feel so much better now and am so happy!”

S.T., April, 2010


Multiple Sclerosis:

“"I first came to see Dr. Ostroff after being hospitalized with a possible multiple sclerosis diagnosis. The medical doctors were completely stumped as to my condition. Dr. Ostroff really listened to what I had to say and probed for any causes of the problem. She recommended and I have followed a high quality vitamin and mineral regimen to restore my core health. [And have avoided the foods that were tested positive for immune sensitivity in the blood testing she advised]

She has been a true source of wisdom and alternative resources as I have traveled my journey back to health. She has helped me understand the critical role that food, vitamins and minerals play in my health.

With her support, guidance and encouragement, I have been able to feel like there is a lot that I can do to impact and restore my health. I do not have to be a helpless victim, waiting for the medical doctors to solve my problems. I am my own best healer and Dr. Ostroff has helped me to realize that.

I have made a full and complete return to health since I came in for my first visit 7 months ago. Thank you Dr. Ostroff!”

C.W., May, 2009


ADHD and Oppositional Behavior in a 10 year old:

"My daughter had a triple diagnosis by the time she was 8 years old: ADHD, Oppositional Defiant disorder, and early onset mood disorder. Each diagnosis was made via observation and reporting. Each doctor suggested medication and each denied a biological test existed as a basis for prescribing such medications.

I didn't question the diagnoses: she was distracted, easily irritable, defiant, anxious, and prone to temper tantrums for the slightest disappointment. Consistency at home, a healthy diet, unconditional love, consequences to hold her accountable for her actions only helped somewhat. I did my best to avoid pharmaceutical medications for fear of side effects, but sometimes her behavior was so difficult that I considered meds.

Then when my daughter was 10, I found Dr. Ostroff, who prescribed a urine test from NeuroScience Labs to determine her neurotransmitter levels. Based on her results, Dr. Ostroff provided supplements, not drugs, to address the out-of-range levels. Within 2 to 3 weeks, my daughter was calmer - minor annoyances that previously would have caused her to scream and slam things now rolled right off her back. We were finally able to have conversations in which she heard what I was saying and considered other opinions, stances, etc. She no longer argues with me about mundane tasks like brushing her teeth; rather, she accepts unpleasant answers and carries on with her life, usually with a shrug. She has maintained her fun, active, wild child personality, but now can function without such struggle.

This has been nothing short of a miracle to me to have my daughter's behavior and functioning improve without polluting and possibly harming her growing body. Thank you, Dr. Ostroff! "

Tara C., April, 2014

Sjogren's Syndrome:

“At age 49 in 2009, I started experiencing what I thought were migraine headaches.  My right eye would throb inside with the pain radiating to my sinus, down my neck and into my ear.  Usually my symptoms lasted 3 to 4 days and were debilitating.  I went from doctor to doctor ending up at a neurologist. He did a brain scan to rule out any tumors and it was chalked up to migraines due to hormones.  These "headaches/neck aches" were really coming from my salivary glands malfunctioning and were occurring approximately two times per month.  The dry eyes and mouth continued and I used rewetting drops and drank a lot of water.  Usually I was tired and run down but just attributed that to life in general and being busy.  Then in June 2011 I started noticing my hair thinning at the temples.  My bangs were thinning so badly, the hair was just breaking off and I also had thinning on the top of my  scalp.  I was just devastated. I went to my primary care physician and she recommended a rheumatologist and dermatologist.  After much blood work I was diagnosed by the rheumatologist with Sjogren's syndrome.  The dermatologist agreed my symptoms were auto-immune.   I was getting steroid shots in my head and topical creams to stop the inflammation on my scalp and was put on meds by the rheumatologist to help with the Sjogren's symptoms,  i.e. "headaches".  After 2 months I had an extreme allergic reaction to the meds so had to stop. 

At that point a friend recommended I find a nutritionist who specialized in auto-immune disease.  That’s when I found Dr. Ostroff.  She went over my diet with me and made some recommendations.  I started off with the gluten free diet and certain supplements. This all helped but I was still having flare-ups.  They were not as strong or long but still there.  That's when we started the German biological homeopathic remedies.    It’s been about 3 or 4 months now and I have to say that since initiating these items I feel great -- totally 100% improvement from what it used to be.   I'm so glad that I found Dr. Ostroff.  She has helped me tremendously.  I know I'm not Sjogren's free but hope that I continue to get better.  If my health stayed as it is right now I could not complain in the least”. 

 Chris S., August, 2012

Ulcerative Colitis:

"Before I consulted with Dr. Ostroff, I had been diagnosed with microscopic Colitis and was experiencing very bad daily bouts of diarrhea for almost 10 months. I felt very fatigued, had a loss of focus and difficulty meeting my responsibilities. After seeing a gastroenterologist who wanted to keep me on non-systemic steroids without any indication that they would help me heal, I saw Dr. Ostroff.  While under her care, I went on an "Elimination Diet", had a blood test to determine what vitamins and minerals I was missing and a blood test to determine my food allergies. These two tests and diet radically changed my situation. I got off the steroids, took the supplements she recommended and altered my diet. Now I can honestly say that I am HEALING and I feel GREATLY improved. Dr. Ostroff spent a great deal of time working with me, encouraging me and giving me a plan of approach that really worked. If you are having any physical issue, be it gastric, or otherwise and are feeling that you have no answers, please seek Dr. Ostroff's help!!!

B.C., August, 2011


Chronic Allergic Sinusitis:

"Finding Dr. Ostroff has truly been a gift. I sought Dr. Ostroff’s care after three years of going to every allergist in NJ. I have been plagued with constant “allergy attacks” such as wheezing, sneezing, ear burning, and chronic nasal congestion. I even had to have nasal surgery.

Many doctors pricked my arm and said I was just allergic to dust, pollen, mold and ragweed. I have been prescribed the most heavy-duty allergy medication which only added to my fatigue and headaches. I was having constant attacks that were inhibiting my daily life. It was disruptive to not only myself but my family. Everyone viewed me as sick with a severe cold. Thanks to the food allergy testing and Dr. Ostroff’s analysis, I was able to determine a gluten allergy and many other allergies too long to list.

Many doctors do not perform or suggest a blood nutrition test and I think Dr. Ostroff is ahead of her time in this way. It is not only the test that is important, but her thoughtful analysis of the results and her suggestions are invaluable. Now, for the first time in years, I have my sense of smell back, I feel energetic, I lost weight and truly feel optimistic about my health.

If my friend had not recommended Dr. Ostroff I would still be overmedicated, overweight and sleeping through life. I cannot thank Dr. Ostroff enough and I am so grateful I sought her help."

B.T., August 2011 



For the first time in my life, I was diagnosed with sciatica.   The prescription medication was not something that I wished to use despite the fact that I was in constant pain. A friend suggested I visit Dr. Ostroff.

By the third visit I began to feel relief.  The chiropractic care was working and I was beginning to fall asleep at night and not be awakened by sharp pain when I moved.

I am now on “preventative” monthly visits and I feel great.  I am able to continue my normal activities and I am grateful to the care and concern given by Dr. Ostroff.

Bill R., April, 2016

Menopausal Symptoms:

"As I begin a new stage in my life (menopause), I want to feel better and live a healthier life, so I started searching for alternative ways to help me.

Diabetes runs in my family and my glucose levels have been border line for several years.  I have suffered from pain in different parts of my body, have been intermittently in physical therapy for the last 10 years, have many allergies, felt fatigued, plus other things that I had chosen to ignore because they are so subtle that most doctors don’t pay attention to them.

I feel so delighted and privileged to have finally found Dr. Ostroff. She uses comprehensive methods to help identify problems. She recommended tests to identify items that are overburdening my immune system and from these results and other evaluations, she is helping me choose better dietary options. She also provides resources to complement information that pertains to my health.
Dr. Ostroff listens! She considers big and small symptoms, and helps give insight into the causes of my problems. With her help, I have learned how much the choice of foods and environmental toxins contribute to my well-being.

I am feeling much better and my pains have considerably decreased. It is an ongoing effort and a rewarding one, and one that I know that I have some control over as we identify where the weaknesses are. I am very appreciative for her work and dedication. 
Thank you, Dr. Ostroff!"

Esther C., December, 2013

"For 20 years my family and I have been going to Dr Cathy Ostroff for chiropractic adjustments. Recently I sustained a slight hip injury which became painful even when standing. Dr Cathy was able to eliminate almost all my pain by using a combination of adjustments and laser treatments.
I also told her about a chronic pain I was having in both knees every morning on waking. That pain also was eliminated after only 2 laser treatments.
I am now back to work and standing many hours all day long. I am happily waiting on customers in my little boutique shop. Dr Cathy is always my 'go to person' for any kind of health problem. She is the best." 

Bea H., 2013                 


"I had my first visit on September 24, 2012 and left feeling complete relief from lower back pain and sciatica, which had been going on for about 9 to 12 months. I could not believe how good I felt with absolutely no pain at all.

My right leg would go numb from the sciatica, but the pain was now gone. My second visit was on November 26, 2012 and my alignment was still holding when Dr. Ostroff checked me! I would definitely recommend Dr. Ostroff.  Thank you!"

Linda H.

"I was experiencing a lot of pain in my lower back and legs from what was diagnosed as sciatica.  After taking pain medications and doing 6 weeks of physical therapy, I was not any better.  So I consulted Dr. Ostroff and after seeing her for 3 weeks and having some chiropractic adjustments and laser therapy, I was able to discontinue both the pain medications and the physical therapy.  Finally, I was able to walk without a cane and my pain was significantly reduced.  Now I am able to walk the track again with my husband.  Thank you, Dr. Ostroff!"

Nina G., Morris County, NJ, Sept. 2015

“I have been your chiropractic patient since 1991 when a fellow RN recommended you. I’d like to express my appreciation for the help you have given me over the past twenty years with both back and neck pain.

As the Director of Nursing at Cheshire Home in Florham Park, I have seen many of my nursing staff sidelined by back and neck injuries, both acute and chronic and have recommended your care to many of them with very good results.

I have always felt completely comfortable and confident in your gentle approach and your skill with both evaluation and instrument correction using the activator. It is comforting to know that for myself or anyone I recommend to you, the “high velocity” twisting and ‘cracking’ approach is not be part of your method.

I have always felt either instant relief or relief from pain soon after your treatments and they have never been painful.  So again, thank you so much for your care!


Carol Schwaeble, RN 

Chronic Pain, Sleeplessness and Fatigue:

"Prior to consulting Dr. Ostroff I was resigned to daily living with moderate to severe pain,
limited motion with bending and lifting and intermittent sleep patterns due to numbness
and severe pain in all 10 fingers. I had daily fatigue due to sleepness nights and a complete dependence on pain patches and pain medications to function even somewhat at my occupation. All these symptoms handicapped my ability to drive long distances and I accepted this lifestyle as my daily regimen. I had been taking these medications for several years following a serious car accident in 2004 which caused herniated discs. Physical therapy was helpful but did not help as much as chiropractic treatment with Dr. Ostroff. On my last visit to my orthopedist he told me that there was nothing more he could do -- "case closed".

After speaking with Dr. Ostroff concerning my medical profile, I received chiropractic care and low level laser treatments to specific areas of my spine. My range of motion was extended and a significant reduction of pain was noticeable in my fingers, neck, middle & lower back. There was moderate success in increasing feeling to my toes and feet in general, so much so that I did not stumble routinely when I walked quickly. The continuation of each treatment resulted in eliminating any pain medication before bedtime, and half the pain medication during a normal physical workday. The resumption of daily routine such as cutting the lawn and long distance driving has increased considerably.

Considering this was my first experience with chiropractic care, I can assuredly maintain
that the expertise level of Dr. Ostroff is vast and this resulted in absolutely no pain
during the treatments. The physical improvements enhanced my mental outlook and in spite of my waiting several years to receive treatment, I experienced immediate results and will now strive for long term recovery. I discovered that living a handicapped life prematurely is not a necessity unless you chose to ignore the facts and remain handicapped mentally."

M.C., August, 2011

“I cannot thank Dr. Ostroff enough for what she has done for me. I am a group fitness instructor and began to experience pain about two years ago in my back and hips. My doctor recommended physical therapy, which I found to only be semi-successful. The pain finally subsided but then after a few months came back. Based on the care I received from physical therapy I decided that I needed to find a Chiropractor.

I found Dr. Ostroff and began seeing her 3 times a week. I walked into her office one day in so much pain that it hurt to walk/sit/stand and when I left her office that day I was virtually pain free. What I love most about her is that she genuinely cares about my well being and when needed, she always takes the extra time to work on helping me to be pain free.

I had never heard of the activator method prior to seeing Dr. Ostroff, but I now swear by this method.  Dr. Ostroff has been able to pin point the exact cause of my pain and when I walk out of her office I always feel like a million bucks.  I am so happy that I found Dr. Ostroff and I am now pain free thanks to her care.”

H.F., August, 2011

“I came to see Dr. Cathy Ostroff because of the severe pain in my neck and lower back. At the beginning of her treatment, I could hardly turn my neck to either side. Within a very short time I was able to turn my head freely and without any pain! My lower back is much more flexible and more pain free. Thank you Dr. Ostroff for your soft and very effective way of administering chiropractic care…It works!”

W.S., December, 2010

"After suffering since the age of 13 with chronic knee pain due to competitive cheerleading, I have tried numerous methods to alleviate the constant pain. This includes physical therapy in many different centers, all using different modalities, strength training to increase muscle strength around the knee, as well as Yoga and Pilates.

Finally within the last year, at age 40, I turned to a rheumatologist who suggested that the only way to solve my problem was a set of weekly orthovisc injections guided by ultrasound technology. These injections were both painful, costly, and sadly in the end, provided no relief.

When I read about Dr. Ostroff's new laser technology, I was at first skeptical. However, after having the second treatment I started to feel immediate relief from the pain which has plagued me from my teenage years.

The chronic ache in my knees which I had become accustomed to... was now gone! I have since gone on to recommend this treatment to my friends and family for their own arthritic conditions. You owe it to yourself to try this method."

A.C., August, 2010

 “I have suffered from neck and hand pain and restricted motion in my neck and upper back from a ruptured disc in my neck for a few years. I also had chronic weakness in three of my fingers. My injuries led to a tear in my biceps muscle which was repaired with two surgeries. At the time I received physical therapy and medication, but still had left and right hand pain and weakness in my arm.

Dr. Ostroff examined and treated me with the activator instrument, and I began feeling an improvement in my symptoms after three sessions. As a physical therapist, I knew that I had restricted motion in my neck and upper back, but could not find a way to increase the motion even with all the different stretches and exercises I tried. I am thankful that Dr. Ostroff was able to restore that motion. I am pain-free now!”

A.H. - Physical Therapist, December 2009


Dear Dr Ostroff,

Thank you for the follow up! My hives have dramatically decreased since I got my test results and implemented the nutritional program. The first 3 weeks were bad, but after that I had a dramatic improvement. I still wake up in the mornings with some on my neck and face, but they are lighter and fade more quickly during the day. I find that I rarely have a breakout during the day, but on a rare occasion I still have a problem. Overall it has been significantly better. I have eliminated cow’s milk completely and substituted goat’s milk. I had tried soy milk but it actually makes me feel ill so I have avoided it all together. I also eliminated yeast as well, and have worked in a good food rotation. I do appreciate the follow up.

K.S., June, 2009 

Dr. Ostroff has provided me with chiropractic care for many years and I've told her that her care is part of my health maintenance plan.

Recently I also began taking homeopathic remedies prescribed by Dr. Ostroff. I have been very allergic for many years to air born pollens and dust, and food allergies. The result was a loss of my sense of smell. Dr Ostroff's analysis and recommended remedies have helped me regain my sense of smell and I experienced significant relief from severe headache and sinus distress related to another allergic reaction. I also had improved endurance.

Recently, I woke up with severe laryngitis. I had a very important presentation to give for my job the following day and I was panicked. I hesitated to call Dr. Ostroff's office since I couldn’t make a sound, but luckily Dr. Ostroff called me back and I croaked my problem over the phone. She quickly reviewed my symptoms and recommended a remedy that gave immediate relief, allowing my voice to return, and allowing me to successfully fulfill my work obligation. It certainly relieved my stress over the laryngitis and responsibility to my job.

I thank Dr. Ostroff for her care and patience.


Dear Dr. Ostroff,

I'm writing this letter to express my thanks to you for "improving my quality of life". At my first appointment with you in October 1989, I was skeptical as to whether you would be able to relieve a four year history of chronic neck pain. Orthopedists were unable to help relieve my symptoms so I resigned myself to constant discomfort.

I am amazed that a three month series of chiropractic adjustments could eliminate all of my pain and neck immobility. I am expressing my gratitude to you directly and also will relate the experience to others so that they may benefit from your approach to a "natural drug-free method of health care".

Thank you again from a very happy patient.

B.R., R.N

Dear Dr. Ostroff,

When I developed severe lower back pain which was radiating down my leg, I thought I would never walk, or be able to do normal activities again. Drugs didn’t take away the pain; I did not want an MRI or pain injections and I certainly did not want an operation.

My neighbor had been helped by Dr. Ostroff, so I decided to seek her help and guidance. Dr. Ostroff used the Activator Method. The three phases were the acute, corrective and maintenance phases coupled with an exercise regimen.

I am currently in the maintenance phase and am able to function normally. More, importantly, my mental outlook has improved tremendously, thanks to you, Dr. Ostroff.


I have been and continue to be a patient of Dr. Cathy Ostroff for seven years. Most recently, I was sick and disabled from a spasmotic cough that lingered from a severe cold and bronchitis. Through Dr. Ostroff’s dedicated questioning, researching and suggesting a homeopathic remedy, my cough disappeared. This is just one example of my wellness being renewed and maintained through the ongoing care of Dr. Ostroff.